Bookends for Life

You may have heard a metaphorical reference to my or your life’s journey as a “book of life”–one that is written figuratively or literally as we travel along. We value books. What could be more valuable than a personal journal that recounts the landmarks and lessons of your life? No document would be more valuable than your autobiography–a volume to be cherished by those who know and love you. As you place your other beloved books on a bookshelf, you must consider how you will hold them in place. We often use bookends to protect the presence and the order of books on a bookshelf. As you write your own book(s) of life, what will help you to keep these priceless insights and records properly aligned and safe?

As we write the books of our lives, we are often guided by our sense of purpose (our core values and goals), and we are ultimately focused on some vision of the hoped-for outcome of our lives (learning and accomplishments) that would result in a legacy of wisdom. In the simplest sense, your bookends for life might be your life’s purpose on the front end of your book collection held firmly by the accumulated wisdom of your life as the bookend on the other end of the shelf.

Key Resource: Darby Checketts introduced the idea of “Bookends for Life” in his Goal Achieving Workshops, which he began conducting for clients and public seminar audiences in the early 1990’s. These concepts are further explored in the second chapter of his book, LEVERAGE: How to Create Your Own “Tipping Points” in Business and in Life (Career Press 2006). 

The dialog between Sean and Vince will represent accumulating wisdom driven by the goals Sean has as an ambitious young man in balance with the wisdom that his friend, Vince, brings to the conversation. Sean will be anchoring the left bookend while Vince will be providing the stability that the opposite bookend represents. Their books of life will benefit from both of their perspectives. Savvy young Sean does know a thing or two. Vince has traveled life’s road for 50 years longer than Sean and he has seen a thing or two. We will all learn from their combined perspectives. You will be able to choose elements of Sean’s youthful purpose and Vince’s seasoned wisdom to help create or enhance your own Bookends for Life.  This is the purpose of this blog. Welcome to our journey. Travel with us.