Day 31 – Home, Sweet Home

Sean: I had a good night’s rest in Craig, Colorado. I’m on the final approach to my hometown of Juniper through the mountains, valleys, and canyons that are both home and heaven to me. 

My adult life lies ahead of me. What a journey it will be as an extension of this American odyssey I have just completed. I have two awesome mentors: my dad, Aaron, and my travel buddy, Vince. I will always find reasons to be on-the-road across Utah and beyond. I hope you will still follow me as I keep on truckin’ and keep a record of my life’s adventures and what I learn along the way.

Vince and I now bid you a fond and temporary farewell. We offer you a gift of our earnest reflections and the new insight gained that makes the wisdom of the ages ring true for us. May it ring true for you as you enjoy the great journey that life is. Please click on the link below. Thank you.


Hooray, I am officially home. I’m just pulling into the driveway of our new home. It’s beautiful. Dad and my sisters are waiting on the front porch. God bless America, land that I love. 

Vince: Welcome home, my friend.