Nationwide Journey: Outcomes for Me

Mission Complete. I accomplished what I set out to do with my plan to travel across much of our great country to discover what happiness means in America. I knew this discovery process would help me identify the “happiness factors” for my own life. I initially expected to spend more time, maybe months, but I realized that I could accomplish a great deal in just one full month on-the-road and that there are important reasons to return to my home in Juniper before the end of summer. I spent time in 23 of the United States. The readers of my journal have two documents that capture the “life philosophy” discoveries I made. Please see “Sean’s Observations” after Day 14 and my “Happiness: 7 + LOVE + 7” summary that I shared with you upon my return. 

Thanks. Here are the key outcomes of my journey that apply directly to me, my family, and my future. Thank you for your interest. And, thanks to my dad, Aaron, and Vince for their consultation and mentorship. There will be periodic journal entries in the months ahead as I travel the longer and more significant “highway of life.”    

Here are the most significant personal outcomes of my 31-day cross-country odyssey…

  • My love and appreciation for my dad and and my sisters has grown. I need to support them now and help my dad put the finishing touches on our new home.
  • I formed a unique friendship with Vince and look forward to meeting Marie and their family.
  • In Nebraska, I met an awesome young woman. She is Ellen. She is from the Twin Falls, Idaho, area. Our friendship will continue.
  • Beyond high school history and geography classes, I personally experienced America the Beautiful and learned so much American history first-hand. I was impressed by the vast natural resources and the diverse human resources of our nation.
  • Education is now a higher priority for me.
  • In Kentucky, I experienced the awakening of a fundamental career interest in all things equine–the world of horses.
  • My inner compass has become more important. I need to cultivate my own philosophy of life, including my religious beliefs.
  • My wanderlust will always be strong. When I experience the great outdoors, I feel such peace of mind and God’s presence there.
  • FAMILY will be the center of my happiness in the years ahead. I want to find a loving partner and create a family of our own.