Day 1 – On the Road

Sean’s First Journal Entry:  Hi Dad. Hi Vince. Today I felt that freedom we all feel when driving down the open road in Utah. I took a side trip up Juniper Canyon where I met a former business consultant named Vince. He was cutting logs from a White Fir tree to use as the base of a large picnic table he’s building for his grandkids. I helped put these in his pick-up truck.  He’s into solitude and loves the mountains and valleys of Utah. We agreed that being in the great outdoors can be a cure for just about anything. I think he’ll become an imaginary traveling companion along my way. Dad, you’ll always be with me—you and God. Vince is an author and is starting a blog. He asked if I would be willing to share excerpts of my journal to help illustrate what he calls the landmarks and lessons of life as viewed from both my early stage of life and from his old-timer’s perspective. He asked that I get your permission to do so. I trust him and perhaps our two-person dialogue might be a colorful way for the world to share what I’ll be learning in the months ahead. Dad, I am feeling happy.     

Vince’s Response to Sean:  Hi Sean. Thanks for exchanging texts last night. My blog has been launched and, as agreed, I’ll include entries from your journal and mine. Check out the blog at Let me know what you think. And, please thank your dad for his support. Before I forget, thanks for your help with the logs. You saved my back. I wish I could have hopped in your pick-up truck and journeyed with you. As I post our two blog entries, I will tie our perspectives together to represent the two bookends of life, with you energetically pushing forward in life and me providing some stability at the other end of life. Your sense of purpose combined with my wisdom could be downright powerful. I am looking forward to my conversations with you. Please keep at least one eye on the road and the other on your horizon. You’ve got a bright future ahead.

Bookends: (a) Identify your Life’s Landmarks & Lessons, (b) Develop your Sense of Purpose & Wisdom, (c) Remember: Being in the great outdoors can be a cure for just about anything.