Sean’s Observations

My “virtual traveling companion,” Vince, and I have been on the road for over two weeks. The journey is going faster than I had expected. My guess is that it will take me another three weeks to get back home. I was anxious to get to Vince’s old stomping grounds in New England. Now, as I head briefly south, then west, I may take a little more time to hang out with folks along the way and to appreciate the various lifestyles of my fellow Americans. I also plan to enjoy other journeys across other regions of the USA in the future. 

As Promised. My travels have taken me from the Intermountain West to the Eastern Seacoast of the USA. I have shared many observations about the beauty of our country and some of the challenges we face as a nation. My objective is to learn what happiness means to my fellow Americans. What makes them happy? Here is a summary of my initial observations of and conversations with those I have met along my way. This list is what I work on during my quiet time as I’m sitting at a picnic table with my iPad and listening to iTunes. Please Note: Vince and I have collaborated on this. The list may grow or simply become further validated (and perhaps consolidated somehow) in the weeks ahead. To our readers, I say, “Thanks for your interest.” Now, for the list. It appears here to save space in the blog and to be read only as you wish. Here is: “Sean’s List.”