Sean Embarks on Life: 31 Days, 23 States

Sean left his home in Utah and traveled to the east coast of the USA and returned. He went in search of what happiness means in America. He was on-the-road for 31 days. He learned something new about each of the 23 states he visited. He had many opportunities for meaningful dialog with his fellow Americans. Most importantly, he learned what is important to him at age 20 as he moves from “The American Road” to his adulthood on “The Highway of Life.”

The Top of Utah’s Manti-La Sal Mountains Where Sean & Vince Love to Be
  • First, read the background of “Sean’s Story,” available at the menu tab to the left.
  • Then, read the initial blog posts below to share in his homecoming and the “7 + LOVE + 7” summary of some of what he learned.
  • As you scroll further down, you will discover the posts for each of the 31 days. Enjoy the “bookends of wisdom” at the end of each post.
  • Coming in the months ahead will be Sean’s new adventures as he completes his education, continues his relationship with Ellen, and as they both embark on exciting careers and the many other amazing possibilities of life.