How This Blog Site Works. Welcome! Sean’s Story begins with an 8-page background summary – please see the left-column menu tab. The majority of the content here to-date is a travel log of Sean’s 31-day odyssey through twenty-three (23) of the United States of America. Upon return to his home state of Utah, he begins his life’s journey as a young adult. Read his background, enjoy his travels, and follow him through life. IMPORTANT: When you’re ready, go to the main blog where you can read back through time starting from the latest entry, Day 31, or hit “page down” and go all the way back to Day 1 and scroll upward to read forward in time through the remainder of Sean’s journey.

An Online Book. My blog would perhaps be better described as an online book. I am the author of 16 printed books. This is actually my 17th book, but I choose to convey this story using the new medium that is so popular today–using “posts” rather than chapters. In some ways, this is Volume II of my autobiography. Each of us have made a journey through life and have an interesting story to tell. Here’s one account of where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished, the interesting people I’ve met along the way, and what I’ve learned each time I fell off my horse and got back on. I hope you enjoy it.

Travel-Dialog-Wisdom. Sean and his 73-year-old virtual traveling companion, Vince, share the landmarks and lessons of their lives with you. Sean’s background story is the essential introduction to this blog. It is an account of Sean’s positive upbringing in a rural Utah community and the tragic results of the wildfires that destroyed his family’s home and much more. After an initial college experience, he develops a strong desire to travel the open road to discover his future prospects for making a difference in the world. You will also get to know Vince and appreciate his wisdom. Along the way, Sean & Vince’s experiences will weave together to become a potential source of insight and inspiration to help you to create your own Bookends for Life.

The stories you read here are based on my real-life experiences. Many of the images are those I created or photographed. I acknowledge the helpfulness of other images that are commercially available or that I believe to be in the public domain. I strive to use these fairly. If the case is otherwise, I welcome any recommendations as to their use.

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